Speedy Profit Creator – An Honest Review

Straightforward and right to the point… Speedy Profit Creator is the bomb. This thing is absolutely jampacked with content and not fluff. There are several components that make up speedy profit creator and every single one is worth its weight in gold. For starters there’s a free report, and this is a great place to start if you just want to get your feet wet before you dive in and make a decision on purchasing the product. Not that this purchase requires a family meeting or anything I mean it’s only five bucks! The free report is called the five-step jumpstart it to 15 page PDF that basically walks you through how to create a lean magnet to attract prospects into your business. The report comes with a video tutorial that actually shows you what to do. To add even more value they throw in two additional videos to teach you how to build a proper squeeze page drive traffic and monetize your lead magnet… Absolutely free they just ask that you spread the word on Facebook or twitter to return the favor.

So here’s what you get for five bucks, first of all the five dollar price is on the WSO offer. I’m pretty sure this thing sells for a lot more on the regular sales page so make sure you buy it through the WSO link so you can save some money. The basic offer gets you an entry-level membership to the site where you have access to all the promo tools so you can promote a product obviously the free report and the jumpstart videos plus the e-book and audio course. The e-book is 40 pages of instructional content packed with resource links. Most of the links are two pretty cool online websites that provide a free alternative to expensive software when it comes to creating digital products. There’s also links in there to some paid stuff and I can totally understand why they included these because they are truly helpful things and some pretty good deals too.

The e-book is very nicely produced and you can tell that this isn’t just something that got slapped together in 15 min. to try and bait people into a bigger one time offer or something like that. From the graphics of the layout this thing is first class with built-in internal navigation links and the works. There are seven sections to the e-book which cover:

Creating the plan
Selecting a product
Domain hosting
Modifying an existing PLR product
Creating a product from scratch
Creating graphics
Creating a sales page
Driving traffic

The e-book is very concise and my favorite part is that it comes with a very well produced audio version where each one of the chapters is a downloadable MP3 file that you can put on your iPod or on your desktop for later. You can also just click the play button for each chapter and listen to it right on the website so these are pretty neat features.

As a basic member you also have access to the resources page which are basically offers two similar products and there’s also a non-advertised free bonus in there which is totally free and I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to mention what it is here but trust me it’s at least a $20 value and you’re gonna love it if you’re into private label rights products and product creation.

They also offer a $27 membership which is called the “pro member” I can’t stress how much this is worth the investment of an extra for $22. As a matter fact you should just go ahead and grab the Pro membership right from the jump because I assure you you’re gonna love this. They give you a PLR product library of 40 pre-created, in demand products that you can claim authorship on right away. And on top of that, you get 10 full-length videos that teach you exactly how to modify the PLR make it unique and create an entire sales funnel from scratch. They even give you the sales page templates and everything you need right there in the members area. So you literally have 40 products of your own to sell right away. Your own product catalog back and start making you money whenever you want and it only cost you $27!

Now if you’re really serious about your Internet business and you want to pop out your own information products often (which we all know is the way to keep the money coming in while you sleep) then you are definitely going to want to spring the extra 40 bucks and get the Mac-daddy membership. For $67 you get everything I mentioned above and they also give you unlimited access to the product creation software for life. The software is basically a digital information products creation tool. You can easily make e-books and reports that look really really good by filling in the boxes with your own information and clicking the render button. So this is gonna save you a huge amount of time and you’re not have to fumble around with Microsoft Word or any kind of text editing software to create fancy looking e-books. It’s all right there, and it comes with the PDF manual and video tutorial to teach you how to use the software. But you probably won’t need the manual is this thing is dropdead easy to use.

As a Mac daddy member they also give you resell rights to speedy profit creator. Now you can sell the entire thing but as a reseller they let you sell the basic version and they supply the website, the sales video and everything you need to be up and running.

Inside the site you’ll also see offers for mentorship, done for you service and another product called my unfair advantage created by the same author whose name is Omar Martin. If you do some research on this guy and his company like I did, you’ll find that he’s the real deal. He’s been an Internet marketer for quite some time and he’s got a pretty big following plus he is also the creator of IMTrustWorthy.com which I’m sure you’ve heard by now.

Overall this thing gets 4 1/2 stars for me. I particularly liked the way that they presented the offer. It was very upfront no up cells are down sells. They simply laid out the three options and let you pick which ever one you want. Not many people do that nowadays and I can really appreciate an Internet marketer that is upfront and honest about his products. I can’t comment on their support because I haven’t had any issues to speak of. But they do have an FAQ as well as a support desk link inside of the members area. And get this they even give you their phone number so if you have any issues you can call them and speak to someone directly. All in all this is an awesome freaking product and you should buy it.

Here’s a link to their WSO:

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