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  Ways to Build Profitable Email marketing Lists  
E-mail marketing, often considered to be a form of personal marketing, is one of the most valuable tools in web-marketing. It is more targeted and more focused. In the later chapters we will explore the advantages of E-mail marketing; however this chapter is focused on various ways through which marketers can generate e-mail marketing lists.

How to obtain E-mail Marketing Lists?

Marketers are in constant endeavor to capture e-mail ID’s of their prospects that help them distribute their offerings to people directly through e-mails. An effective, targeted e-mail-marketing list is the fastest and cost effective way to reach to the customer directly, create brand awareness, offer products or services directly and turn leads into sales.

But how do you develop your e-mail list? You can either create your own list; buy a list, or both. Listed below are few of the ways to build an effective e-mail marketing list.

Use of Websites

Using your own website to generate mailing list is the most effective and cost efficient way to assemble list of qualified prospects. Most of the companies today build their own lists by harvesting the details of visitors who visit their websites by simply asking them to check a box and enter their name or email address, if they are interested in receiving additional information or future emails. Hence, in this way you can generate your own lists that are reliable and lead you to boost your sales. It should also be noted that do not distribute the contact details for others to use unless asking your contact’s permission.

Opt-in email marketing

Another valuable approach to generate a profitable list is to use "confirmed opt-in email marketing". This also helps you to decrease the number of spam complaints as in confirmed opt-in email marketing, your prospect confirm the request to subscribe to your email list.
Use Forums to Get Free Direct Marketing Lists

One way to develop an effective mailing list is the use of forums. Try to find and join forums that are active and highly responsive. Try to actively participate in the forum, dig out people needs and create an identity of your product by using soft marketing techniques. Try to be a part of the community and then when you gain customers trust you can market your offerings directly to them by collecting email addresses of the people who are interested in your product.

Squeeze Pages

There are several website that use “squeeze pages” which compels visitors to provide their email IDs so as to access the website. This is a kind of “forced lead” that several internet marketers use to build their list. Many programs are available particularly for squeeze page creation.

Hire Professional Services

In order to launch a successful marketing campaign some companies often hire professional permission-based email list marketing companies, which assist companies in planning and executing an effective marketing campaign to meet your strategic objectives. Companies that provide direct-mail lists will even handle the details of the mailing and charge a fee for that. Before hiring these rented lists always ensure that enlists leads are the ones who have agreed to receive targeted mailings.

Hence, the above are few of the ways to generate effective emailing list that can provide businesses a great opportunity to reinforce purchases, introduce new product launches, distribute specific promotions, and increase responses.


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